Macmillan English

Global publishing group Macmillan Education has a large number of English language teaching courses and publications. The Macmillan English website is the focus for information on all of Macmillan’s print and digital publications for both teachers and students of English.

The UX design process placed a huge emphasis on wireframing and prototyping to ensure that key user journeys are optimally supported. At the time that this site was commissioned, back in 2011, Macmillan deserve considerable credit for investing a large part of their budget on a fully interactive prototype site. The value of which quickly and easily translated into a very successful UI design, which is still chugging along nicely 6 years later. A real testament to this process.

If you're interested, you can view the full Axure RP interactive prototype here.

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  • UX
  • UI
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  • Headscape Ltd
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