Pagoda - Kyoto, Japan


Photography is the main reason for creating this new website. I've been meaning to get around to building a CMS for all my photographic content for many years, some of which dates back to when I bought my first SLR at the age of 13. The fact that this page exists on a new custom Wagtail CMS, running on Django, means I'm half way to getting it done! Pretty excited to get the rest over the line.

Until that magnificent day is realised, you can see some the photos (in woefully low resolution) I post to Instagram.

That day was never realised... 😭

Well, not on this site at least — so wipe away those tears and rejoice for I instead launched a successful business selling my photographic and mixed-media art over at Elkli & Hart, so what are you waiting for... click the link and buy yourself some gorgeous sustainable prints that give back to society with our 10% Profits For Good initiative! 🦌💖

That's — go on... click it. You know you want to x


This was my first attempt at a scenic landscape film.

Shot in Piha, West Auckland, New Zealand. Also my first test flight of the DJI Mavic. All footage filmed using this device. Shot in 4K, edited in Premier Pro CC.