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Flicks is Australia and New Zealand’s most authoritative and comprehensive nationwide movie & cinema guide.

This was a large project with over 50 designs. Before moving onto implementation, I decided to invest a decent amount of time on analysing all the modules and design patterns that were common to these designs. From there I created a living styleguide, using Pattern Lab and its principles of atomic design. Below you can view a short screencast of all the final 'atoms', 'molecules' and 'organisms' that are used to build a truly modular system.

The front-end build uses a previous incarnation of my bespoke responsive SCSS framework. It's worth noting that although desktop and tablet uses my framework, Flicks didn't want to use it for their mobile traffic (due to an ongoing contract), which is separate and NOT built or designed by myself.

  • Web
  • HTML5
  • SCSS
  • Javascript ES5
  • Pattern Lab
  • Gulp
  • UI
  • Front-end
  • Digital Sausages Ltd
  • The Fold Ltd
Flicks - grid of designs
Flicks - blog desktop
Flicks - Triptych
Flicks - home tablet